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  1. Sharlto Copley

    Sharlto Copley

    Sharlto Copley Maleficent Learn More
  2. Felix Silla

    Felix Silla

    Felix Silla, Buck Rogers, Addams Family Learn More
  3. Steven Yeun

    Steven Yeun

    Steven Yeun The Walking Dead Learn More
  4. Charles Michael Davis

    Charles Michael Davis

    Charles Michael Davis, The Originals Learn More
  5. Christopher Atkins

    Christopher Atkins

    Christopher Atkins -Blue Lagoon Learn More
  6. Malcolm Jamal Warner

    Malcolm Jamal Warner

    Malcolm Jamal Warner, The Cosby Show Learn More
  7. Marc McClure

    Marc McClure

    Marc McClure, Superman Learn More
  8. Peter Sarafinowicz

    Peter Sarafinowicz

    Peter Sarafinowicz The Tick Learn More
  9. Anson Williams

    Anson Williams

    Anson Williams, Happy Days Learn More
  10. Robert Sheehan

    Robert Sheehan

    Robert Sheehan Mortal Engines Learn More
  11. Paul Sorvino

    Paul Sorvino

    Paul Sorvino, Goodfellas, Law and Order Learn More
  12. Joe Cortese

    Joe Cortese

    Joe Cortese Something Is Out There Learn More
  13. Trevonte Rhodes

    Trevonte Rhodes

    Trevonte Rhodes, Moonlight Learn More
  14. Kunal Nayyar

    Kunal Nayyar

    Kunal Nayyar, The Big Bang Theory Learn More
  15. Ryan Eggold

    Ryan Eggold

    Ryan Eggold Blacklist Learn More
  16. Aaron Abrams

    Aaron Abrams

    Aaron Abrams actor and producer, known for YPF (2007), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) and Hannibal (2013). Learn More
  17. Liam James

    Liam James

    Liam James, The Killing Learn More
  18. Arthur Gardner

    Arthur Gardner

    Arthur Gardner, The Rifleman Learn More
  19. Jonathan Whitesell

    Jonathan Whitesell

    Jonathan Whitesell Beyond Learn More
  20. David Proval

    David Proval

    David Proval, Sopranos Learn More


Results 1 - 20 of 790