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  1. Maria Bello

    Maria Bello

    Maria Bello, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Prisoners, Secret Window Learn More
  2. Linda Evans

    Linda Evans

    Linda Evans Dynasty Learn More
  3. Patricia Quinn

    Patricia Quinn

    Patricia Quinn, Rocky Horror Learn More
  4. Donna Mills

    Donna Mills

    Donna Mills, Knots Landing Learn More
  5. Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth Glee Learn More
  6. Gale Storm

    Gale Storm

    Gale Storm, My Little Margie Learn More
  7. Joey Lauren Adams (3)

    Joey Lauren Adams (3)

    Joey Lauren Adams (born January 9, 1968)[1][2] is an American actress who has appeared in more than thirty films. She is known for her distinctive, raspy voice and for her roles in Bio-Dome and Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse films, particularly Mallrats and Chasing Amy, with the latter giving her a Golden Globe for Best Actress nomination. Learn More
  8. Cobie Smulders

    Cobie Smulders

    Cobie Smulders, The Avengers, How I Met Your Mother (Signature not crisp) Learn More
  9. Alejandra Gutierrez

    Alejandra Gutierrez

    Alejandra Gutierrez, Accepted actress Learn More
  10. Naomie Harris

    Naomie Harris

    Naomie Harris, Skyfall, Spectre Learn More
  11. Margaret O'Brien

    Margaret O'Brien

    Margaret O'Brien, Meet Me In St. Louis Learn More
  12. Karen Fukahara

    Karen Fukahara

    Karen Fukahara Suicide Squad Learn More
  13. Estella Warren

    Estella Warren

    Estella Warren, Planet Of The Apes Learn More
  14. Martine Beswicke

    Martine Beswicke

    Martine Beswicke Learn More
  15. Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth, Rio 2, Glee Learn More
  16. Lanie Kazan

    Lanie Kazan

    Lanie Kazan, Lust in The Dust Learn More
  17. Chloe Sevigny

    Chloe Sevigny

    Chloe Sevigny American Horror Story Learn More
  18. Stefanie Powers

    Stefanie Powers

    Stefanie Powers, Hart To Hart, U.N.C.L.E. Learn More
  19. Audrey Landers

    Audrey Landers

    Audrey Landers, Dallas Learn More
  20. Samantha Mathis

    Samantha Mathis

    Samantha Mathis The Thing Called Love Learn More


Results 101 - 120 of 751