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  1. Logan Lerman

    Logan Lerman

    Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah Learn More
  2. Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall Vacation, Breakfast Club and Weird Science Learn More
  3. Max Baer

    Max Baer

    Max Baer Beverley Hillbillies Learn More
  4. Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dragonheart Learn More
  5. Steven Weber

    Steven Weber

    Steven Weber, Wings, IZombie Learn More
  6. Peter Berg

    Peter Berg

    Peter Berg actor, Director Learn More
  7. Ed ONeill

    Ed ONeill

    Ed O'Neill - Married with Children Learn More
  8. Ryan O'Neal

    Ryan O'Neal

    Ryan O'Neal, Love Story, Paper Moon, Main Event Learn More
  9. John Barrowman

    John Barrowman

    John Barrowman Torchwood Learn More
  10. Barrett Foa

    Barrett Foa

    Barrett Foa, NCIS Los Angeles Learn More
  11. Michael Traynor

    Michael Traynor

    Michael Traynor The Walking Dead Learn More
  12. Leslie Nielsen

    Leslie Nielsen

    Leslie Nielsen, Naked Gun, The Swamp Fox Learn More
  13. Jack Coleman

    Jack Coleman

    Jack Coleman, Heroes, Dynasty Learn More
  14. Burt Grinstead

    Burt Grinstead

    Burt Grinstead Death Race 2050 Learn More
  15. Justin Theroux

    Justin Theroux

    Justin Theroux sexy Learn More
  16. James Darren

    James Darren

    James Darren, Time Tunnell Learn More
  17. Olin Rogers

    Olin Rogers

    Olin Rogers, Matchbreakers Learn More
  18. Jimmy Walker

    Jimmy Walker

    Jimmy Walker, Good Times Learn More


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